Join Angela Yee and Invited Celebrity Friends for a monthly 5K run in Prospect Park. Welcome to “Run With Yee,” a casual yet goal-oriented fitness run routine that is open to the public per RSVP. Angela’s run club was designed for group encouragement towards healthy lifestyles and friendly fitness activity. Each month Angela will invite one of her celebrity/personality friends to join her and our group of casual runners for a friendly 5K.

What to bring

  • Wear your most comfortable running attire or visit WOODstack IVY for the latest in performance gear for casual fitness
  • Water and Juices For Life Energy Shots will be provided

Registration is on a first come, but limited in capacity.

Event Details

Saturday, November 7

8:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Prospect Park


Presented by




Angela Yee

Entrepreneur, Personality, and Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club

About Angela

A Brooklyn native and a renaissance woman of sorts, Angela is keen on fitness and relies on casual yet regular workout activity to help her manage the stress of her daily schedule and also support a healthy lifestyle. Always looking for innovative ways to encourage healthy lifestyles within her community, whether thru her monthly book club, Kickin' It From The Stoop, monthly “Lip Service” podcast, monthly “Wealth Wednesdays” live seminars, Juices For Life juice bar and now introducing her “Run With Yee” monthly 5K friendly. Angela Yee is shifting what we aspire to in healthy positive lifestyles.

Suggested Nutrition

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Angela's Favorite Fitness Gear

Angela leaves nothing to chance when it comes to running in comfort and style, so if you’re looking for inspiration here’s a sneak peek into her choice of gear for this month’s run.

Continue Running

Run With Yee is only the beginning, nothing means more to us than a continued lifestyle of fitness activity and health for my community and friends, check out these other cool run clubs for continued running.